People aren’t costs, they’re unrealised profit


People aren’t costs, they’re sustainable assets that generate future profits.


Because ideas are people-generated and ideas generate profit. By focusing on short-term profit and replacing people with Bots and other Non-Creative tech, organisations are removing their idea-generating assets. Lazy consultancies seem to justify their existence by head-count reductions at their clients’ expense. The reality is that their short-term ‘success’ is undermining the hand that’s feeding them.

So if we want to increase profit, we should give people the time they need to think so they can generate ideas that will make profit happen. And that’s where tech has the greatest potential – to free people to think – continuously reducing headcount is not the way to grow a business, ideas are!

The challenge then is to create an environment where people, and ideas flourish.

So how can that be achieved?

Here are some ideas:

1) Make getting things done easy – don’t tie people up in knots with poor internal processes that consume their time. Have appropriate levels of governance that manage risk, but that avoid stifling creativity.

2) Give people technology that allows them to get their day-job done quickly, and that allows them time to think and experiment.

3) Avoid backing them into corners with poorly-designed reward systems and bonuses. Overly prescriptive objectives stifle creativity and drives people to chase the wrong things.

4) Reduce the amount of change taking place and settle things down. Too much change consumes people’s ‘thinking bandwidth’. They need some stability to provide them with the room to generate ideas.

5) Let people do what they love. People are much more likely to come up with innovative ideas if they can work on something they connect with.

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