George Clinton @ Leeds Academy 11th May 2017

This review was written by Chris, the founder of Re:Humanise, and part time Funk DJ…

If you don’t know who George Clinton is you’ve been missing out. He’s one of the most influential Funk artists ever, so when he came touring to my home town of Leeds, how could I resist?

So what of the show? For anyone who’s seen GC live, you’ll know that his shows can seem chaotic, and at times I’ll admit it all felt a little ‘off the cuff’, but the energy from the great man himself (now over 70 years old) alongside a huge number of supporting musicians and dancers was amazing.

The show lasted well over two hours, with Clinton involved for most of it, albeit at times he was sat taking on fluids.

The most memorable experience (at least for me) was a mesmerising Guitar Solo that lasted well over 10 minutes (see left), the guitarist took the whole crowd on a journey they’ll never forget – it was something that no-one wanted to end.

I don’t know how many more years George and his crew have left in them, but if you get the opportunity to see them, take it.

Rating: 5/5

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