Sunday Service: Finding your thing

Do we choose our work or does our work choose us?

I’m not sure if there is a simple answer to this question but I do know that since I made the explicit choice to align my work with my inner motives and values I feel much more alive and motivated.

Why? Well I think it’s because I get to focus on improving the human experience in a very direct way. Whether it’s Employees who may be struggling to transition through an organisational change, Customers who are on the end of poor service or Senior Managers who are struggling to make an impact with some of their ideas, I get to help people and it’s rewarding.

Don’t get me wrong, my working life is far from being a bed of roses, but it does allow me to be ‘consistent’, there’s no longer a difference between what I do and what I feel is important – improving the human experience by using empathy as my primary analytical tool.

My biggest work mistake: Looking for a gap in the market

I’m not saying aligning to opportunities is wrong, but if you don’t know what it is you want to ‘bring’ to the opportunity, I think it’s unlikely you’ll ever feel truly satisfied.

If you’re struggling with motivation and feel disconnected from your work (as I did), look inside and remove the inconsistencies between who you are and what/how you want to do things, you’ll rarely struggle to motivate yourself again, at least that’s what I’ve found. And when you know what you want to bring to the workplace, look for opportunities that align with it.

Beware the money trap

For a while I chased the money, I have a good reason to do so – I have people who rely on me financially, but until I was at a stage where I was willing to risk my lifestyle to allow an alignment of myself and my work I knew I hadn’t really found my thing. As it is, I’m lucky enough to have found a way of earning that is well paid and that works at a deeper level for me, but I’ll repeat, I was willing to take a financial hit ‘if’ it was needed, and at some stage I may still need to, but for now all is well.

There ends the thoughts, they’re personal and maybe they’ll mean nothing to anyone else but me, but they align to my inner values and that means I’m happy posting for an audience of one if that’s the way it is.


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