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At Rehumanise we help our clients maximise their Return on Investment (ROI) on technology solutions.

We do this by having an Empathic Design approach, focused on people not systems.

We Observe – We Empathise – We Design.


  1. Our Client and their objectives are our focus, not securing the next piece of work.
  2. Absolute honesty and transparency with our clients, especially about the cost of hiring us – we do charge!
  3. Co-creation: We work with, not for, our clients.
  4. We believe in clarity on the outcome, but flexibility in approach.
  5. World Class; why be anything else?
  6. We don’t do pressure selling, we do conversations and mutual value.
  7. We don’t have seven but people like lists of seven…actually, it’s bringing humour to work – it really helps when things get tough.


Empathic Design is a 3 stage process:
  1. Observe – We study users in their ‘Context’ to identify where there are opportunities for technology to provide value to them; this is where benefit realisation begins.
  2. Empathise – Empathy is the most human of abilities, we use it to really feel the user experience so it can be fed into the design process. Whether we’re designing a system, or considering how best to help users transition to a new technology solution. Empathy is our most powerful tool in identifying how a technology solution should be developed.
  3. Design – Following a robust design process is essential to secure the benefits of technology. Our design process begins and ends with the user’s experience; we want to make their lives simpler, easier and more enjoyable.