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Solution Design

Empathic Design is based on the human capability to recognise the emotions experienced by someone else and interpret them.

When using Empathic Design, a Consultant will observe individuals or groups, and use the information observation has provided to design a solution that works for the people who use it.

Some people consider the use of Empathy to be the first step in a process known as Design Thinking – an approach that combines empathy with creativity to ensure that solutions work in any given context.

At Rehumanise we focus on Empathic Design, but as suggested by Design Thinking we go on to combine it with Creative Problem Solving, Prototyping, Blueprinting and Iterative Design to quickly and effectively deliver client needs.

In a world that’s placing an ever greater focus on technology, we find that focusing on people brings the greatest benefits to organisations.

We genuinely believe that if something works for people, it will work for the organisation and that means lower costs, higher revenues and improved satisfaction for all involved.